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Hey , Able Chika here, on behalf of my friends Serenity Arrey, Kenneth Morgan and the JV partner who referred you to this platform. I want to congratulate you cos you are about to get the exact strategies I use to earn over $2000 daily consistently online. Since everybody and his brothers seem to be hawking marketing programs over the Internet today, promising to help you “get rich” online usually by selling information products. And if you’re like me, you’re sick and tired of all the hype and B.S. ... and more than a little bit skeptical. But here we are, at yet another long-copy micro-site, talking about yet another program on how to make money creating and selling information products on the Internet. So what’s any different about this site ... this program ... and all the others you and I have read about or even tried, usually with terrible results?

I didn’t create this course. I took it myself ...

and just a year later, I am using it to make $10,000 to $30,000 a week or more online.

By applying everything I learned in this system, it totally changed my life for the better and quickly attained a degree of financial independence and freedom most folks can only dream about.

I went from zero products, zero web sites, and zero online income just a couple of years ago ...

... to owning almost a hundred web sites ... having a line of over 50 information products ... and generating average online sales of $10k+ a week.

Most important of all, I don’t work 60 hours a week ... 40 hours a week ... or even 20 hours a week at my Internet business.

The way my Internet marketing business is designed ... the exact same way I’m going to show you how to design YOUR Internet marketing business ... allows you to earn a six-figure passive income “working” about an hour a day.

What you do with the rest of your day all that free time is up to you.

If you're a rookie online marketer, you're looking for straight answers to these questions:

You can never even get started

  • Difficulty in deciding which method is best

    There are lots of ways to make money online. Which one is fastest? Which one is easiest? Who should you listen to?

  • Where exactly can you begin?

    You might read all the best guides and know everything in theory, but when it comes to actually getting started, you don’t know how to do it.

Or you struggle with ZERO results

  • You got stuck with the current method you are using

    Since the methods you try to follow aren’t clear, major problem with a lot of systems is that they are made by experts who can’t remember what it’s like to not know everything. So things aren’t explained clearly to you.

  • you've concluded - It just doesn't work

    You start to wonder if all these “experts” have actually tried their own methods. Do they actually work? Or are they just making money by selling you training products?

  • You can't stick it out to the end.

    After you get stuck, you get distracted. Some other opportunity comes along that is “too good to miss”. You put your project on the backburner and go chasing the next “bright shiny object”. And the process starts all over again.

Wouldn't it be nice to find a system that ACTUALLY works?


Learn IT. Do IT. Sell IT.

The ultimate "hands on" training course that shows you how to start making real money online selling what you know (without a degree in Techno-Geek)

Learn IT.

  • The SMART way to set up a successful digital marketing business

    Our flagship training course, walks you through what a successful online business looks like, what tools and systems you’ll need, and how to launch your business right- the first time! This is a watch over our shoulder as we do a massive launch. You’ll have all the knowledge and tools you need to launch with ridiculously little time and cost involved.

Product Creation: Over the years I've developed my own reliable system for creating highly in demand digital products. It's no one-hit-wonder -- it works very consistently. I just follow the same steps every time. You will learn how to create kick*** products from scratch. The secret lies in creating something great, getting people to look at it, and then knowing how to get those people to BUY.

The easy way to analyze any product (or product component) from any source to see if it's a winner or a loser...and be right 99% of the time and set up your system, including how to make the simple, quick site you need to sell your product.

Definitive approach to writing high converting sales copy, squeeze pages, autoresponder messages, creating upsells and downsells products, JV pages and set up blueprint (and I really show you, with examples, sample copy for various pages, what to say in emails, everything you need).

Access Links to our personal stash of the very best resources to do the work you can't (or don't want to) do yourself. We will do a massive launch before your very eyes. You will too. Cos we will continue to support you until you start making an average of 5 figures monthly.

Do IT.

  • Coining out a maximum number of high quality info products in minimum time

    Despite all the emails you’ve been getting lately that promise the moon… the secret is NOT the latest software  out there… But you creating your own money making system . We will show you the FASTEST way possible to build a massive online & lifestyle business that is highly lucrative and 100% sustainable and delivers maximum freedom and impact

  • Can you follow step-by-step instructions? We'll show you exactly what to do at every step
  • Do you have basic computer skills? You must have a basic knowledge about how to do searches online
  • Can you follow a layed out plan and strategies? You'll get best results if you temporarily stop reading other mailing lists, and stop buying every "NEXT BIG THING" they try to sell you. Once you finish with our system, you can start listening again. But you won't get anywhere if you keep getting distracted.
  • Can you handle it not being overnight? If you're after instant, overnight cash right now... I can't promise you that. (And you should be careful of anybody who does.)

Sell IT.

  • Let's show you how the money is really made online

    You are about to learn the easiest way to package and start selling hot in demand digital products. You’ll get exact step by step blueprint to building successful online campaigns that will generate instant cash over and over again.

    Without buy ads, without learning SEO, without peddling affiliate offers – rather you will learn how to get internet marketing millionaires who will promote your products for commission.

  • How not to leave money on the table

    Since you will be modeling our product launch process, you will learn how to upsell your buyers. Why sell a single product when over 50% of your buyers will be willing to pay more for an upgrade. With upsell and downsell you can make more than 300% ROI from a single buyer. Why leave money on the table when your buyers are ever ready to pay for it.

Here's what you DO NOT need…

  • No dangerous "traffic loophole software" (we all know Google "loopholes" get found and filled fast -- and then you're back to square one, or worse)...
  • No tech skills (forget building your own blog or software and installing garbage software -- fast money demands "plug and play" action)...
  • No CPA, PPV, PPC, no experience and no push button (making serious money with this system requires being the exact opposite of a slimy "sales person")...

Launch IT.

  • How to make Huge PROFITS from a Massive Product Launch

    We will hand over to you our Zero Cost traffic generation strategies that leverages top internet marketers lists.

    Every single record breaking launch in the past 2 years was fueled by the support of enthusiastic and loyal affiliates. Here’s why we use an affiliate program to “seed” every important product that we’ve ever sold. You see…I don’t have to tell you that the fastest and most effective way to scale and distribute your product with no upfront expense, is with a well thought out affiliate program.

    Think about it for a minute…

“But Doesn’t This Only Work For Big Names?”

Which came first, the guru or the huge traffic? You might have guessed it, the huge traffic created the big name “guru.”

Most of the successful known internet marketers became a big name by, first, getting massive amounts of traffic to their offer, by leveraging not their own list… but other people’s lists.


This, by far, is the single fastest way to get hot and qualified traffic to your offer at no cost upfront. With the strategies we will be exposing, you’ll learn the top 20+ things you can do to have JV’s love you and promote your products over and over again.

Here is a little taste of what you'll discover...

  • How to form relationships with JV’s and Affiliates so they will happily promote you.
  • How to replenish a steady new flood of fresh, ambitious joint venture partners …allowing you finally experience more sales, more scale, and more fun running your business.
  • The formula for creating an irresistible offer that your affiliates will mail on multiple times
  • A cutting-edge simple-strategy to remove affiliate uncertainty and confusion around commission payouts.
  • What most marketers forget to check BEFORE reaching out to JVs (without this your whole offer could crumble and fail)
  • How gaining extraordinary JV contests can boost your JV traffic overnight.
  • Leverage secrets that multiply your JV’s promotions, giving you killer advantages against even a bigger name competitor.
  • Which key metrics to follow to ensure a successful launch. “You can only improve what you measure.”
  • Why EPC will be your secret weapon in getting affiliates to go crazy (in a good way) about your offering.
  • How it is possible to pay instant commissions without risking profits. No reserves. No charge back. No call back. Even if the sale is refunded, they still get paid and you still profit.
  • The correct way to reach out for joint ventures…which instantly gives you more authority when offering your program.
  • And much,much, more..

Learn IT. Do IT. Sell IT.

Here Is What People Are Saying About Our Blueprint

You can have your internet marketing business up and running in the next 14days with our marketing blueprint....You can, cos all our students are making it big online. You cannot be left alone!

We walk the talk... Take a look at the Revenue and free traffic you can generate in 7days, from just following our blueprint.

ATTENTION: Do You Know The Answer To This Simple Question


What Does All This Top Internet Marketers Have In Common

They sell their own digital products online..

Creating a high converting Digital/Information Product has never been easier. You too can!

We can absolutely guarantee that anyone can create and launch a high in demand digital product in 7days or less...

  • You don't need to be an expert on the topic - Just follow simple, step-by-step system
  • You don't need any skills, knowledge, no need for previous internet marketing skills.
  • It doesn't involve you working tediously or being a guru copywriter

This is the right time to start

When we started out few years ago, creating and selling information was tough, but today, information products are now part of a billion dollar industry. You can google this to see. No day  that passes that people are spending millions of dollars on information products, from Amazon eBooks to college courses, webinars, podcasts to video training courses to software launches.

Information they say makes the world go round and by showing people how to solve their most pressing needs, you get paid handsomely for it, the beauty of it being that this business is sustainable and can run on its own once setup.


There is nothing stopping you from creating and launching that million dollar products today.

We can ascertain this...That's why;


We Are Guaranteeing you 100% Success

This really couldn't be simpler.

I want you to give this a thorough workout. Use the lessons. Take our advice. Prove it works.

Give it a workout for a full 4 weeks.

If you can't make it work for you, or if you simply aren't satisfied with your results, let us know and we'll return every penny you gave, no questions asked. And we'll let you keep your membership access as a free gift

I don't know how to be more fair than that!

Not only are we offering this training blueprint for more than 90% off, in addition we're offering you the chance to bypass the job loathing, the "getting started online" frustration and the sleepless nights.

You can fast forward to success at dizzying speed instead.

It won't all be a bed of roses though. You'll hit some speed bumps along the way. You're going to have to work and learn. But you won't have to struggle and feel helpless or hopeless.

We created this System for people like you. The ones who are sick and tired of feeling insecure because their income depends on somebody else...who can fire you.

You don't have to be a prisoner anymore. You can take control of your life, and make your dreams come true.

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List Building Revolution will change the way you make money forever, starting with:

  • How to generate an unstoppable flood of targeted subscribers so you can start seeing profits quickly and easily! (without having to pay for a single lead!)
  • How to create fail-proof squeeze pages that will drive in responsive leads, all on complete auto pilot! (You can literally set & forget these lead generation systems and they'll continue to build your list for you!)
  • The #1 underground strategy for "siphoning" hungry buyers into your email campaign so you can make bank with every email sent!

Special Bonus  #2  - Affiliate Marketing Expo 2.0

Inside this no-fluff report you'll discover:

  • How To Choose The Best Products To Promote - and How To Know Which Ones You Should Leave On The Table
  • The One Simple Way Of Instantly Increasing Your Success As An Affiliate (Hint: It's all about timing)
  • The Simple Methods You Can Use To Make More Sales and Beat The Competition

Special Bonus  #3  - Copy Our Work Checklist

Who wouldn't want to get the work checklist of 3 marketing rockstars:

You will be handed the exact product creation checklists we follow to create million dollar digital products. These are never before revealed step by step process from creation to massive launch. I follow this checklists and you should too - focus and planning is the watch word.


supportYou are not alone

This sets us apart, cos you'll be getting 24/7 customer support. Your success is our priority. You'll get quick and prompt answers to your questions.

Learn IT. Do IT. Sell IT.

How To Know If You Have What It Takes To Succeed...

There are a few "rules" to success we've learned over time.


First of all you MUST believe in yourself.


We've been bankrupt. We've failed many times in life. But the single biggest factor to our success was believing that could accomplish this, and we have.

We didn't have any resources that you don't have available to you.

Chances are, you have more money to get started than we did.

And since we'll be showing you EXACTLY what we did to build our business you'll have a bigger head start than we did... and if you put in a little bit of effort there's no reason you can't experience success as quickly, or even much faster, than we did...


The second rule is FOCUSED ACTION.


People tend to jump from one system to the next and never stick with one thing long enough to see any consistent results.

You MUST have a plan. A PROVEN strategy that you can focus on every day. If you do that, results can happen FAST, but you need to follow a proven plan and stick to it.

And you MUST believe your life can change...

Yes I am ready to get started

  • I'm clicking the "Buy Now" button and I know I'll be getting immediate access after placing my order.
  • I get access to EVERYTHING I need to profit fast and build a REAL online business, and I can get started in just a few moments from now.
  • I also understand that I'm fully covered by a 30-day unconditional money back guarantee so if I'm not completely satisfied for ANY reason, my money will be refunded in full, no questions asked.
  • With that said I'm ready to get started

Learn IT. Do IT. Sell IT.

To Your Success!

P.S: Since you've seen our proofs and lives we've turned around.... We can only but guarantee that if you have the willpower to ignore the ‘shiny objects’ and follow this training, you will follow in the footsteps of dozens of marketers who were finally able to quit their day jobs and live life on their own terms….

P.P.S: This stuff WORKS. But you may be wondering if it'll work for you. Maybe you've tried and failed one too many times...

Maybe this is all new to you and you're not sure if it's something you'd be interested in doing... remember, you're fully covered by our 30-day no questions asked money back guarantee.

With 3 billion potential customers at your fingertips, even the biggest technophobe can start a successful online business with the right knowledge and a step by step action plan…


As you have probably already guessed, We're not getting rich giving away our knowledge and experience for less than $20. It's our little token to you...

Our sincere hope is you’ll love what you see and profit greatly from it.

If you do, GREAT!

So click the  button above, and let’s get started…

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